First Place - Corporate Track

Insightic is a leading AI-driven compliance assessment platform designed to address the needs of the digital asset industry. Collaborating with regulators such as ADGM, central banks, and major financial institutions, Insightic offers advanced compliance and risk management solutions. Our platform provides rigorous regulatory pre-assessments, ongoing evaluations, and smart contract code validation through federated learning.

Second Place - Corporate Track

AYLAB is pioneering a transformative approach to user acquisition in the Web3 space with its innovative platform, AYLAB Traffic Loop (ATL). This system aims to overcome the current limitations faced by Web3 projects, which are often restricted to platforms like Twitter for user engagement and lack scalable traffic solutions. ATL facilitates direct user engagement from mobile apps to Web3 projects in a seamless, single-click process. The integration of blockchain and AI enhances the user acquisition process, making it more efficient and scalable.

Third Place - Corporate Track

Future Business Software is an innovative solution designed to transform the enterprise resource planning (ERP) landscape by integrating generative AI and blockchain technologies. This project addresses the complexity and inefficiency of current business software systems, which often have steep learning curves and require extensive time for data entry and process management. The solution introduces an AI chatbot that interacts with users via simple text commands, handling tasks such as checking inventory levels, submitting orders, and processing payments seamlessly

First Place - Enthusiast Track

The Blockchain-Powered Decentralized Federated Learning Platform is an innovative solution developed to tackle the challenges of multi-institutional AI collaboration, particularly in the medical field. Traditionally, institutions store and train AI models on local datasets independently due to privacy and regulatory concerns, leading to data silos and limited predictive power. This platform leverages federated learning, allowing multiple institutions to collaboratively train AI models without sharing raw data. Blockchain technology is integrated to ensure a decentralized, secure, and trustful environment for model training and aggregation. By using smart contracts and blockchain’s inherent transparency, the platform incentivizes data sharing while maintaining privacy through techniques like differential privacy and multi-party computation. This results in a more accurate and robust AI model, enhancing applications like medical diagnostics without compromising data confidentiality.

Second Place - Enthusiast Track

OpenRefinery.AI is a groundbreaking crowdsourcing platform designed to revolutionize the AI training dataset landscape. By leveraging the power of blockchain technology and AI, it addresses the critical need for high-quality, diverse, and culturally nuanced training data necessary for optimizing AI performance. OpenRefinery.AI operates on the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP), ensuring full decentralization, transparency, and cost-effectiveness. The platform enables seamless human-AI interaction by helping AI models understand diverse cultural contexts and languages. It offers a decentralized, transparent solution to current market challenges such as transparency issues, quality control concerns, and lack of multilingual support. OpenRefinery.AI empowers users (Creators, Miners, Inspectors) to collaboratively generate, validate, and manage high-quality training datasets. Creators sponsor projects requiring data generation, Miners create paraphrases, and Inspectors validate the quality, ensuring dataset integrity. The platform’s decentralized infrastructure, Web3 authentication, and gasless transactions make it accessible and efficient. OpenRefinery.AI aims to set a new standard in AI training, enhancing customer engagement, retention, and satisfaction across industries.

Third Place - Enthusiast Track

PropertyHako is an innovative property rental platform designed to address inefficiencies in Singapore's rental market. Created by Team Hedgehog, PropertyHako leverages the power of the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) blockchain and Google Gemini AI to streamline the rental process, ensuring transparency, security, and efficiency. This decentralized solution eliminates the need for traditional agents, reducing costs and enhancing privacy for both tenants and landlords. PropertyHako offers a seamless matchmaking system, AI-driven tenant filtering, and full on-chain data management to provide a fair and efficient rental experience


A Challenge To All Hackers.

We're issuing a national challenge to all professionals, students and enterprises. Bring your blockchain innovation to life for a chance to transform the landscape of blockchain platforms and win prizes totaling SGD$36,000 in cash.

Objective of Competition

For this hackathon, teams are to propose innovative and creative blockchain and artificial intelligence solutions to address real-world use-cases.

About the Organisation

Singapore Blockchain Innovation Programme (SBIP) is an initiative founded by Enterprise Singapore (ESG), Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), the National Research Foundation Singapore (NRF), and supported by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) to further strengthen Singapore’s blockchain ecosystem.


Integrating Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence:
Pioneering Next-Generation Solutions

Problem statement

Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are two cutting-edge technologies with the potential to revolutionize numerous industries. Blockchain offers a secure, immutable ledger, enabling transparent and tamper-proof data management. AI, on the other hand, brings the power of machine learning and data analysis, allowing for smart decision-making and predictive analytics. When combined, these technologies can create powerful solutions that are greater than the sum of their parts. This hackathon challenges participants to explore the synergy between blockchain and AI to develop solutions that harness the strengths of both technologies.

The hackathon aims to move beyond the conventional applications of blockchain and AI, often seen in isolation, and encourages teams to explore innovative integrations. Participants are encouraged to think creatively about how blockchain's secure data ledger can be enhanced with AI's analytical and predictive capabilities, and vice versa. Solutions could span various sectors including healthcare, finance, supply chain management, environmental sustainability, and more.


Participants are tasked with designing and developing innovative solutions that effectively integrate blockchain and AI to solve real-world problems or create new opportunities. Teams are encouraged to explore a wide range of applications, whether it's enhancing data security and analysis, creating smarter and more efficient systems, or inventing entirely new services that leverage the unique capabilities of both technologies. The solutions should not only demonstrate technical feasibility but also practical value in addressing real-world challenges. There are no restrictions on the choice of specific blockchain platforms or AI models, allowing for maximum creativity and innovation. The goal of this hackathon is to push the boundaries of what's possible with blockchain and AI, inspiring groundbreaking ideas and solutions.


Prize pool includes:

First place
Second place
Third place
ICP Track - Prize Pool

For Startups and Companies.

Take this opportunity to build a blockchain and artificial intelligence solution to transform your business.

  • Entities wishing to register under the Corporate Track must be registered with ACRA or have the intention to register their solution as a viable service/product.
  • The ICP Track Prize Pool will be shared with projects with ICP custom canister smart contract submission.

Prize pool includes:

First place
Second place
Third place
ICP Track - Prize Pool

For Students, Professionals and Developers.

Experience a cutting edge blockchain hackathon! Work hands-on with fellow blockchain enthusiasts to come up with innovative blockchain and artificial intelligence solutions and stand to win attractive prizes.

  • Team composition must be of 2 to 4 pax. No individual registrations will be accepted.
  • Team lead must be resident in Singapore (i.e. Singapore Citizen, Singapore Permanent Resident or long-term visa holder) for prize eligibility.
  • The ICP Track Prize Pool will be shared with projects with ICP custom canister smart contract submission.
Hackathon Timeline
  1. Hackathon Launch
    A hybrid launch event showcasing talks, and SBIP project demonstrations.

  2. 5 Apr - 13 May

    Registration and Proposal & Prototype Submission
    Register your teams and submit your proposals, prototype & code by 13 May, 23:59 hrs SGT. More details on submission requirements will be shared via email and discord.

  3. 14 May - 15 May

    Shortlisting of Finalists
    Our panel of judges will review your submissions and invite teams for the Finale Round.

  4. 17 May

    Finale Round
    A hybrid event comprising project presentations from shortlisted teams.

01:00PM - 01:15PM Opening Ceremony with Opening Address by Prof Ooi Beng Chin, Principal Investigator for SBIP
01:15PM - 01:30PM Launch of Problem Statement by Ms Earlene Tan, Programme Manager for SBIP
01:30PM – 02:00PM Cypherspace as Cloud 3.0 by Mr Aaron Ting, Co-Founder of ICP.Hub SG
02:00PM – 02:30PM Harnessing the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI): Opportunities and applications in the finance industry by Mr Alvin Chia, Head of Digital Assets Innovation for Northern Trust
02:30PM – 02:45PM AStablish: Assurance and proof-of-ownership of digital assets by Mr Tan Teik Guan, Founder of pQCee
02:45PM – 03:00PM QuantumNFT: Building an on-chain quantum community with NFTs by Mr Tan Teik Guan, Founder of pQCee
03:00PM – 04:30PM Networking Session
10:00AM – 01:00PM Project Presentations - Top 5 for Enthusiast Track
01:00PM – 02:00PM Lunch
02:00PM – 02:15PM The Complete Blockchain Development Platform by Mr John Wang, Head of Eco Growth - Neo Global Development
02:15PM – 02:30PM Fostering Mass Adoption of Web3 by Mr Hojin Kim, Chief Executive Officer - ShardLab
02:30PM – 05:30PM Project Presentations - Top 5 for Corporate Track
05:30PM – 06:00PM Award & Closing Ceremony
06:00PM – 06:30PM Networking Session
Speakers & Jury
Prof. Ooi Beng Chin
Lee Kong Chian Centennial Professor, NUS/SBIP
Mr. Anantharaman Lux
Group Leader – Systems Security, Cybersecurity Department,I2R, A*STAR
Mr. Alvin Chia
Senior Vice President, Head of Digital Assets Innovation (APAC), Northern Trust
Mr. Hojin Kim
Chief Executive Officer,
Mr. John Wang
Head of Eco Growth,
Dr. Paul Liu
Staff Engineer,
Dfinity Foundation
Mr. Aaron Ting
Prof Zhu Feida
Prof. & Associate Dean,
Singapore Management University
Dr. Tan Teik Guan
Ms. Earlene Tan
Programme Manager,
Supported By


What is the hackathon theme?

The theme for the Singapore Blockchain Innovation Challenge 2024 is Integrating Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence: Pioneering Next-Generation Solutions. We require projects to develop solutions using blockchain and artificial intelligence technologies to solve real world use-cases or create new opportunities.

This event is organised by the Singapore Blockchain Innovation Programme which is a collaborative and nationwide technical community hosted at the National University of Singapore. Visit us at to find out more!

Yes, there are no restrictions except that participants under the Enthusiast track should only use platforms, blockchains, APIs, libraries or software development kits that are available and authorized for public use.

Yes, you can start preliminary work on your hack. But to be fair to other participants, most of your hack’s source code must be written during the hackathon period.

To be eligible to register for the Corporate track, an ACRA registration number is required or the team must have the intention to register their solution as a viable service / product. The judging criteria, rules and prizes for both tracks are different. The judging criteria would be stricter for Corporate track but participating companies are allowed to use their own private APIs.

The hackathon will be held at the NUSS Guild House.

We have mentors who may be able to help your team and we will also organise workshops on key topics as well. Head to our Discord server to ask for help.


I don’t have a team. Can my project for the hackathon be done solo?

No, project teams should have a minimum of two members.

We have designated a Discord server for communication purposes amongst our hackathon participants. Feel free to find your team members here.

Only the team leader needs to be a resident in Singapore. If you are an international participant, make sure to join a team with a leader who is a resident in Singapore.

Yes, but we would require you to fill up and submit a parental consent form for registration.

Registration deadline is by 13 May 2024.

No, hackathon projects has non-technical aspects too so everyone is welcome to join. In addition, you can take this hackathon as a learning opportunity to get hands-on experience with blockchain.

Yes, we welcome attendees to join us on 5 April 2024 and 17 May 2024 for the events.

Participating in the hackathon is free. Attending the events are also free.

Hackathon Workflow

What does my team need to include in the proposal?

It needs to give us an overview of what your team wants to build for the hackathon. A writeup would do along with a link to your source code in GitHub. Corporate Track participants need to provide a business plan to articulate the commercial viability of their service / product. Teams need to be physically present for the project presentation day if shortlisted and will need to prepare a presentation of 20 minutes of their proposal.

To qualify for certificate of participation, your team needs to submit your project for the selection round by 13 May 2024.

Both tracks are required to submit a writeup and a git repository link. The git repository should have a README for setup and other notes / instructions. For Enthusiast track, the git repository must be public whereas in Corporate track, git repository links can be private.

The judges will vet through submissions and shortlist teams for the Finale Round.

Project submissions will be via our Discord server.